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designer of interior solutions

Creative Solutions so you can Love your home.....

Elle definitely has an eye for detail and style...   she helped bring a boring  room  into a functional space I actually enjoy spending time in.                 Rose

 W'eve heard horror stories about other people's home renovations. Seeing our house gave us pause. However, 4 weeks later (not a day after the estimated time) when the job was done, we were blown away.   Elle's creative design ideas along with her extensive construction knowledge and contacts, transformed our house into the home of our dreams!  We have no regrets and will (and have) recommended her in a heartbeat!   Mark & Riva

Thank you to Julian H Photography & Mac Studio for your amazing work!

elle dalessio


16 Years of Design, marketing & Space Planning knowledge & expertise


Areas of expertise:  Home, corporate, retail, outdoor design. 

Corporate Design & POS - visit

Renovation / Build - visit

With an eye for style and functionality.... I can bring any room to life!

I see past the dated wallpaper or solid walls in a home or office and envision opportunities. By providing design solutions, I work with you and your budget to convert your space into a welcoming environment.

RENOVATE OR DECORATE....  even simple modifications can make the difference, and increase your property value!

Our Renovation Division at The Home Experts can help you with all your renovation /build needs.   Check us out at

My mission is to create a love for your home.